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Welcome to the Horseheads Pick-A-Part price list. Not all part prices are listed. If you do not see a price, call for more info. Prices don’t include labor, or pull charges if you wish to have us pull the part for you.

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We honor cash, Visa, Discover, Amex and MasterCard. Sorry, but we do not accept checks. Core charge refunds will not be paid for cores not returned within 30-days of purchase. All fluids must be drained from cores before returning. Prices are subject to change without notice. All Prices are plus tax, cores, and environmental fees. There is a $2.00 Entry Fee to enter the yard. 7 Day Standard Warranty.* Optional 6 Month Extended Warranty available on most parts*

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Parts Price List
Part NamePriceCore Price
A/C Compressor$22.05$6.00
A/C Condensor$28.35$6.00
A/C Dryer$14.70$2.00
A/C Evaporator$20.98$2.00
A/C Line$14.70$2.00
ABS Unit$42.00$6.00
Actuator 4x4$38.84$5.00
Air box no sensors$10.50$0.00
Air Cleaner Lid$5.25$0.00
Air Filter$1.50$0.00
Air Injection Pump$22.05$2.00
Air Snorkel$9.54$0.00
All Cable$12.60$0.00
All radios$27.99$2.00
Aluminum tire and wheel$25.06$11.00
Arm Rest$6.30$0.00
Axle Assembly$85.91$20.00
Axle Assembly 8-Lug Truck or larger$176.40$55.00
Axle Beam "Trailing Axle-Rear"$59.85$11.00
Axle Shaft "RWD"$22.05$3.00
Axle Shaft FWD 4WD CV Axle$22.05$6.00
Backing Plate "W/O Accessories"$10.50$2.00
Backing Plate "With Accessories"$27.28$11.00
Ball Joint$10.50$2.00
Battery Box / Tray$7.35$0.00
Battery Cable per foot$3.00$3.00
Belt Tensioner$16.79$2.00
Brake / Clutch Pedal Assembly$0.00$3.00
Brake Booster$22.05$5.00
Brake Caliper$19.95$2.00
Brake Caliper Bracket$7.35$0.00
Brake Drum 8 Lug or Larger$26.25$2.00
Brake Drum No Hub$16.80$2.00
Brake Drum With Hub$21.00$2.00
Brake Hose/Line$6.30$0.00
Brake Lever "Parking"$7.35$2.00
Brake Master Cylinder$22.05$5.00
Brake Pad or Shoe$1.05$0.00
Brake Pedal$15.75$0.00
Brake Proportioning Valve$16.79$2.00
Brake Rotor$15.75$2.00
Brake rotor 8 Lug or Larger$26.25$2.00
Brake Wheel Cylinder$10.50$2.00
Bug Deflector$16.81$0.00
Bumper "Metal" no lights or brkts$47.24$3.00
Bumper Bracket$8.40$2.00
Bumper Cover no lights or reinf$54.60$5.00
Bumper Push Bar or Brush Guard$71.40$0.00
Bumper Reinforcement$16.79$2.00
Carburetor or throttle body$32.01$6.00
Carpet "Per Section"$10.50$0.00
Center Cap$3.15$0.00
Charcoal Canister$23.10$0.00
Clutch Disc$13.66$2.00
Clutch Kit Inc. Disc,PP,and Bearing$26.25$5.00
Clutch Master Cylinder$22.05$2.00
Clutch Pressure Plate$22.06$6.00
Clutch Slave Cylinder$22.05$2.00
Coil new style per coil$13.01$1.00
Coil old style per coil$9.45$1.00
Coil Pack$26.25$2.00
Coil Pack Module$10.50$1.00
Console Car$16.80$2.00
Console Truck$16.80$2.00
Control Arm$25.00$2.00
Convertible Roof "Frame & Skin"$219.45$6.00
Convertible Roof "Frame"$126.00$3.00
Convertible Roof "Skin"$126.00$0.00
Coolant reservoir tank$10.50$0.00
Core Support$52.50$3.00
Cowl "Wiper Grille"$16.79$3.00
Cruise Control Lever$8.40$0.00
Cup Holder$8.40$0.00
Cylinder Head "V6 or V8 - No Cam"$33.61$10.00
Cylinder head DOHC w/o cams$107.10$11.00
Cylinder Head -OHC or In Line$76.65$10.00
Dash Assembly$92.40$6.00
Dash Pad$22.05$2.00
Dipstick Tube$3.15$0.00
Distributor Cap$5.25$0.00
Dome Light$5.25$0.00
Door Handle$5.25$0.00
Door Hinge$7.35$2.00
Door Latch$8.40$0.00
Door Lock Actuator$10.50$0.00
Door Lock Cylinder$3.15$0.00
Door Mirror$18.89$2.00
Door Panel "Inside"$10.50$0.00
Door Rubber$6.30$0.00
Door Stricker$2.10$0.00
Drive Shaft "Front 4x4"$33.61$6.00
Drive Shaft "Rear-Per Section"$22.05$5.00
Dually Fenders$56.81$3.00
ECM "COMPUTER"$31.50$11.00
EGR Tube$5.25$0.00
EGR Valve$13.99$2.00
Electric fan double$34.65$3.00
Engine "No Str,Alt,P/S,A/C, TC, SC"$230.00$35.00
Engine Diesel "Bare"Call for Pricing
Engine Cover "Inside Van"$13.65$2.00
Engine labor$162.20$0.00
Exhaust Manifold$19.95$2.00
Exhaust Muffler$11.55$2.00
Exhaust Pipe$10.50$2.00
Exhaust Resonator$5.24$2.00
Exhaust Y Pipe$16.79$2.00
Fan "Electric single$21.00$3.00
Fan Belt "V"$2.10$0.00
Fan Clutch with blade$23.10$3.00
Fender "Bare"$46.99$3.00
Fender Flare$15.00$0.00
Fender Inner "Plastic"$7.35$2.00
Fender Inner "Steel"$10.50$2.00
Floor Mat "Each"$2.10$0.00
Flywheel "Automatic"$10.50$2.00
Flywheel "Standard"$34.65$3.00
Fog Light$8.40$0.00
Frame section$14.32$0.00
Front Drive Shaft 4WD$31.50$5.00
Fuel Cap$4.20$0.00
Fuel Filler Door$8.40$0.00
Fuel Filler Neck$16.80$0.00
Fuel injection Rail w/o injectors$11.50$2.00
Fuel injection spider$54.60$11.00
Fuel Injector$10.50$2.00
Fuel Line "Each"$5.25$0.00
Fuel Pedal$15.75$0.00
Fuel Pump$34.00$3.00
Fuel Tank with holes$27.00$0.00
Fuse Box Engine Bare$31.50$0.00
Fuse Box Engine Loaded$31.50$0.00
Glass "Windshield"$36.75$0.00
Glass Back$36.75$0.00
Glass Door$27.27$0.00
Glass Quarter$33.60$0.00
Glass Vent$16.81$0.00
Glove Box$10.50$0.00
Glove Box Door$6.30$0.00
Grille "Large"$31.50$0.00
Grille "Small"$18.90$0.00
Harmonic Balancer$15.75$1.00
Headlight "Composite" Capsule$28.06$1.00
Headlight Bulb$3.15$0.00
Headlight Cover "Pop Up"$13.65$2.00
Headlight Mounting bracket$29.39$2.00
Headlight Switch$10.50$2.00
Heater Assembly"Motor,Core,Housing"$52.50$3.00
Heater Blower Motor$18.51$3.00
Heater Control$25.99$0.00
Heater Core$21.00$3.00
Heater Resistor$13.65$0.00
Hood " No Hinges"$50.39$3.00
Hood Hinge large$8.99$0.00
Hood Latch$13.65$0.00
Hub "4x4"$30.44$3.00
Hub and Bearing FWD$34.65$3.00
Hubcap "Wheel Cover"$3.15$0.00
Idler Arm$11.54$2.00
Ignition Switch$13.65$2.00
Injection Pump Diesel$76.66$6.00
Instrument Cluster$25.00$3.00
Intake Manifold$34.65$3.00
Intake Plenum$34.65$3.00
K - Frame Bare$52.50$10.00
Key Fob$8.40$0.00
Ladder RackAsk Sales for Quote
Lift Gate Car No lift Cylinders$50.40$3.00
Lift Gate Cylinder$8.40$0.00
Lift Gate- Mini Van no lift Cyl$59.85$3.00
Light Socket$2.27$0.00
Lock Out Hubs$21.00$2.00
Lug Nut$0.26$0.00
Luggage Rack$23.10$2.00
Map sensor$15.74$2.00
Marker or Turn Signal Light$8.93$0.00
Mass Air Flow Sensor$25.20$5.00
Mirror "Rear View"$8.40$2.00
Misc. Control Module$15.00$2.00
Motor or Transmission Mount$12.60$2.00
Moulding "Large"$11.55$0.00
Moulding "Medium"$4.20$0.00
Moulding "X-Large"$15.75$0.00
Mud Flap "Each"$2.10$0.00
Oil Cap$3.39$0.00
Oil Pan$33.60$2.00
Oil Pan "Aluminum"$36.75$2.00
Oxygen Sensor$13.65$2.00
Power Steering Hose$8.40$5.00
Power Steering Pump$22.05$6.00
Power steering pump w bracket$33.60$3.00
Power Window Motor$22.05$3.00
Pulley large$10.50$2.00
Pulley small$3.15$1.00
Rack & Pinion$45.00$6.00
Radiator Hose$2.14$0.00
Radiator Shroud$12.60$2.00
Radio "AM/FM"$15.00$2.00
Radio Amplifier$16.79$2.00
Radio Antenna "Power"$29.39$2.00
Radio Antenna "Standard"$8.40$0.00
Rear Axle Stub FWD$15.75$0.00
Rear Differential-Independent Susp$67.20$11.00
Rear Stub FWD$15.75$0.00
Regular labor$16.22$0.00
Removable Carrier$59.85$11.00
Ring and Pinion$47.72$5.00
Rocker Arm$3.14$0.00
Rocker Shaft Assembly$13.65$2.00
Roof Raised for Van$173.25$0.00
Running Board "per Side"$40.00$0.00
Seat - Bench Car "Front or Rear"$25.00$0.00
Seat "Jump Seat"$5.00$0.00
Seat Base$25.20$2.00
Seat Base with Electric Motor$25.20$2.00
Seat Belt Lap And Shoulder$10.00$2.00
Seat Belt Receiver$5.25$2.00
Seat bench$42.00$0.00
Seat bucket or split bench per side$26.25$2.00
Seat Headrest$8.40$0.00
Seat Motor$18.90$3.00
Seat Track$10.50$2.00
Shift Boot$4.20$0.00
Shifter Assembly$23.10$2.00
Shock Absorber$10.50$2.00
Spare Tire Carrier$19.95$2.00
Spark Plug Wire "Each"$2.00$0.00
Speaker "Subwoofer"$15.75$0.00
Spindle Car or Truck$33.60$2.00
Spring "Coil"$12.60$2.00
Spring Leaf$33.60$5.00
Stabilizer bar$16.79$2.00
Steering center link$22.05$2.00
Steering Column w/o Air Bags$33.60$3.00
Steering Column with elec.steering$55.13$14.00
Steering Gear "Power"$37.80$3.00
Steering Linkage$11.55$2.00
Steering Shaft$14.68$0.00
Steering Wheel w/o Air Bag$15.74$2.00
Sub Frame$52.50$10.00
Sun Visor$7.35$0.00
Sunroof assembly$62.99$3.00
Super charger$75.61$8.00
Suspension Air Pump$44.10$3.00
Suspension Strut$29.00$3.00
Suspension Strut w Spindle$61.95$5.00
Suspension Strut With Airbag$46.20$3.00
Tail Light Circuit Board$10.50$0.00
Tail Light-Lens&Backing"Per Inch"$1.50$0.00
Thermostat Housing$6.30$2.00
Third Brake Light$6.30$0.00
Tie Rod Assembly$33.60$3.00
Tie Rod End "Each"$8.40
Timing Chain Cover$15.75$0.00
Tire - No Wheel$25.06
Tire & Wheel Steel$25.06$5.00
Torque Converter$115.50$6.00
Torsion Bar$22.50$2.00
Trailer Hitch$31.50$2.00
Trailing Arm$22.05$2.00
Transfer Case$75.00$27.99
Transfer Case Motor$21.00$2.00
Transmission labor$129.76$0.00
Transmission Oil Line$5.25$0.00
Transmission Shift Solenoid$115.50$25.00
Transmission shift solenoid$115.50$25.00
Transmission Valve Body$126.01$27.99
Transmisson valve body$126.01$27.99
Truck Bed Liner$67.20$0.00
Truck Box "W/O Tailgate or Tailight$175.00$27.99
Truck Cab "Bare"$183.75$25.00
Truck Cab Loaded$462.00$25.00
Truck Cap$67.21$6.00
Truck Tailgate$67.21$6.00
Truck tow mirror$30.00$3.00
Trunk Carpet - Liner$10.50$0.00
Trunk Lid$50.40$3.00
Turbo Charger$75.60$11.00
Turbo Inner Cooler$38.84$5.00
Turn signal switch w accessories$25.20$2.00
Utility Rack$105.000.00
Valve Cover "Plastic or Aluminum"$16.79$3.00
Valve Cover "Steel"$10.50$2.00
Visor "Roof Mount"$33.60$0.00
Washer Jet$2.10$0.00
Water Pump$15.75$2.00
Wheel & Tire - Donut Spare$14.70$0.00
Window Crank$4.19$0.00
Window Regulator$14.70$2.00
Window Regulator With Elec. Motor$26.24$3.00
Window Switch "Double"$14.70$0.00
Window Switch "Quad"$16.81$0.00
Window Switch "Single"$8.40$0.00
Windsheild washer tank with pump$15.75$0.00
Windshield Washer Pump$8.40$2.00
Windshield Washer Tank$10.50$0.00
Windshield Wiper Arm$5.24$2.00
Windshield Wiper Blade$2.10$0.00
Windshield Wiper Motor$22.05$3.00
Windshield Wiper Transmission$15.99$3.00
Yoke "Rear End"$5.25$0.00
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